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Vast sea-like spiritual power, in this case from Qingxuan Wen body suddenly swept out, she edged jade holding a golden guns, rifles gorgeous Zhebing abnormal, as if formed from a golden Lingyu, in that at gunpoint Phoenix Zhanyi, wings surround, is starting Fengrui matchless arc, between faint, as if it had clear sounding voice resounded through the sky. Thunder-like sound, and gradually stop in the huge hall.is called Los another glass, she outstanding, less than Wenqing Xuan, just different temper her Qingxuan Wen." exclaimed dust, animal husbandry, along with the passage of time, these original tough team lurking in the dark, and finally began to show up after another, I really do not know when the battle comes when, how much will a dark horse emerge? "This is the spirit of the hospital the next contest, regarded these years, the most powerful one up. wholesale caps free shipping Eyes only honorable and proud of the Phoenix, it is so popular god shaken, although everyone knows that you want to tame eyes only Phoenix doubt be prohibitively difficult, but the man is not that right, more things get the hearts of the more itch.

On Wenqing Xuan beautiful cheek, still smiling, but the pair is slightly Fengmu pick pick, apparently she is rarely met someone so to speak with her, although she did not compared with Los glass idea, but animal husbandry and dust between speech that in his eyes she could not be compared with Luo glass of tone, but it is has made it somewhat like her, after all, after all, is a girl with a mind of some pride, not to mention her this time are in a similar the highly anticipated among girls Qingxuan Wen hear the words, in its wake, that four tender girl hand already is with Emmanuel flashing, especially that of twins girls, within petite body, but is there a special kind of volatility exudes." Jaap some bloodthirsty licked his lips, fingers suddenly volley immediately point out the sound among the awe-inspiring could not conceal the intention to kill:" Star, Jiuxing consistent day" The whole temple as if a giant were shaking a bit in this Yisha nine stars and stars storm swept out of the situation was in contact throughout the sky, in an unspeakable terrible trend, fell from the sky. wholesale caps "Seldom met a good spirit array division, always wanted to experience a. Qin Feng Wenqing Xuan saw the move, the mouth can not help but it is off a touch of strange smile, under Yisha, he changed the palm of fingers, two fingers and song, I saw too majestic spiritual power, was actually at this point as if the tide broke off .

" Wu Ying Ying fiercely Road. wholesale caps from china "This is the spirit of hospital competition, it really is Canglongwohu ah., gentle voice, but it is with some of the chill. "Oh, Xuan Qing, did not think you come here. wholesale caps for sale When the three agreements reached retreat opinion, that the Spirit hospital but did not intend to let them these interlopers, I saw it was a flash stature, appeared in the air, palms among the spiritual force cohesion, as if turning to a huge immense spiritual power light India, Indian dynasty that lush as Aoki, engraved with a road on which the mysterious runes.

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